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Goodbye Rough Skin

Field tested to remove all dead skin whether on thick cuticles or peeling skin to beautiful smooth feet.

Easy To Use

With just a touch of a button gently rub over your Calluses and watch it magically smoothen out.

Safe & Comfortable

With our simple design and long lasting battery life, take it on the go without causing a mess whatsoever.

Why Cloudyfeet?

We specialize in motorized callus remover with a unique derma vac technology that sucks up those dead skin shavings WHILE you are using it. It features a powerfully exfoliating micro-abrasion head that rotates in seconds at more than 2000 rpm to easily remove the calluses and dead skin.

Using this has removed the majority of dead skin on my feet in just one session. Summer is almost here and I can finally wear slipper swithout the worry of people seeing and judging my feet

The callus tool would be great for women who want to keep their feet looking nice in sandals. I think it eliminates the need for professional pedicures.

Very easy to use and great results after first use. I've used other products in the past and this one removes dead skin better and the softness last!