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Cloudyfeet - Calluses Remover

$32.99 $65.00


No need to worry about hiding your feet if you have loose skin or rough calluses, in front of people ever again. Get that smooth feeling on your foot in no time! Now you can experience walking barefoot without constant skin peeling. You deserve it!

  • Long-lasting battery, Take it everywhere you go!
  • Double powered motor - Smoothes out your calluses in the finest way possible.
  • Easy one-button push
  • Comes with two grading heads on for damaged skin and the other for daily use.
  • Instant results - removes dry, dead skin and uncomfortable calluses from heels, soles, toes, and hands in one go.
  • FDA approved.

  • One key touch switch, two gears adjust speed, high and low gears adjust speed and adapt to different cutin thickness.
  • Remove dead skin and old cocoon by gently rubbing over the affected area on your foot. 
  • Rough grinding head is suitable for old dry cracked heel, Medium grinding head for dead skin and peeling, fine grinding head for daily nursing.      


Product Details
  • ABS + Electronic Components + Aviation quartz sand
  • White
  • 16 × 13 × 6.5cm
  • USB Charging Cable × 1
  • Host × 1
  • Coarse Sandstone × 1
  • Fine Sandstone
  • Brush × 1


  • How do the 2 speeds compare?

    The 2 speeds are better because you have a slower speed in case your foot is sore or you have an injury.
    The second speed is obviously faster, quicker time to complete the task.

  • What type of batteries does it take

    This item has a 600 AH Lithium Battery ( as stated on the front of the box)> It comes with a charger, you do NOT add batteries merchants make an informed decision about your product or collection. This section will appear across all products.

  • Does it remove corns?

    Yes, if you do a lot of walking/running and have very stubborn calluses, then it works well on all trouble spots!